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Thank you!

Over the years, a lot of people have contributed to Learn Prolog Now! in one way or another:

  • Several generations of students in Saarbrücken were the first to use this material; many thanks to them all!
  • A lot of people (far too many to mention individually) have sent us emails with questions, comments, and suggestions. We received a lot of useful feedback this way and are really grateful.
  • Gertjan van Noord and Robbert Prins used early versions of LPN! in their teaching at the University of Groningen. They gave us detailed feedback which really helped us improve the accuracy of the text.
  • Malvina Nissim supplied us with an upgrade of Exercise 2.4 and gave us a lot of help and advice regarding the final hardcopy version.
  • Dov Gabbay founded College Publications and thereby made it possible for us to publish LPN! on paper as well as online. And thanks to Vincent Hendricks for telling us about it.
  • Jane Spurr, the managing director of College publications gave us lots of time and attention in the final run-up to publication. She was always there for us and reacted promptly to the invariable last minute problems. Thank you Jane.
  • Jan Wielemaker made SWI Prolog freely available over the internet and gave us speedy and informative feedback on a number of technical issues.
  • Ian Mackie and an anonymous referee put a lot of time and energy into the penultimate version of the (printed) book.
  • Bart Demoen write a very thorough review of our book for the journal "Theory and Practice of Logic Programming", which brought up many good points that will help us improve LPN! for the next edition.
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