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We are making an "official" set of slides available which follows the chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the book. Enjoy! But this doesn't mean we don't want your slides too. On the contrary, we're very interested in making available slides in other languages, or slides which make us of the chapters in a different way. So if you have something interesting, please make it available ...

The "official" set of slides (December 2006):
full set (tar.gz), full set (zip), chapter 1 (powerpoint), chapter 2 (powerpoint), chapter 3 (powerpoint), chapter 4 (powerpoint), chapter 5 (powerpoint), chapter 6 (powerpoint), chapter 7 (powerpoint), chapter 8 (powerpoint), chapter 9 (powerpoint), chapter 10 (powerpoint), chapter 11 (powerpoint), chapter 12 (powerpoint),

We are collecting slides! If you have taught a Prolog course based on our book and would like to make your slides available to others. Please, send them to and we will put them up on this page. All languages are welcome!

Slides by Kristina Striegnitz in German:
week 1 (pdf), week 2 (pdf), week 3 (pdf), week 4 (pdf), week 5 (pdf), week 6 (pdf), week 7 (pdf), week 8 (pdf), week 9 (pdf), week 10 (pdf), week 11 (pdf)

Kris' Esslli slides in English and online practice material can be found here:

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