CSc 055: Project
The course project is where you get to design a complete multi-page web site from the ground up. The site can be about any topic you choose, but, please, keep it tasteful. This project is worth 100 points and counts for 15% of your total grade.


Your completed web site must have the following elements:

Part 1: Site Definition (10 pts)
Due Monday, Oct 3

Write up a short document (no more than 2 pages) that includes the following:
  1. Name of your site
  2. Purpose of your site
  3. Intended audience; make sure to answer the following:
    • Who do you envision will be looking at your site?
    • What information will they be wanting from your site?

You should use the remainder of the document to describe the content of your site. You don't need to include details about what information will be on what page, or what the page layouts will be. That's for the next part. Just include all of the information that you want your site to provide. You'll need to think a little about structure, though, since you need to have enough content to warrant at least 6 pages. If you imagine that one of your pages will be very short, then you may need to think up more content to include.

Your grade will be based on having all of the required elements listed above, having thorough descriptions of your content, and having enough content to warrant 6 pages.

Part 2: Site Design (40 pts)
Due Monday, Oct 31

This is the part where you'll describe the details of the look and functionality of every page on your site. Include the following:

Site Definition Document

Please re-turn in your Part 1 writeup so I can remember your site idea!

Site Architecture

This is an overview of your entire site that shows how the pages within it relate to one another. Draw a diagram with a box for each page in your site. Label each box with the filename you will use for that page. Within each box, list the types of information that the page will provide. Then use arrows to show links between pages.

Page Layouts

Now draw a detailed sketch of each page. Include:

Checklist of Required Elements

Finally, create a two-column checklist of all the required elements that are listed in the Requirements section above. In the left column, list each requirement (like "array" or "paragraphs"). At the corresponding place in the right column, list the filename(s) where that element can be found. Hopefully, this list will keep you from losing any points unnecessarily for simply failing to include one of the pieces I'll be looking for.

Part 3: Completed Site (50 pts)
Due Monday, Nov 14 (no lates)

Create your site and publish it on antipasto. Don't forget about DTDs, comments (including comments preceding each JS function), and meta tags for keywords and description on every page. Be sure the links to your project that are on your CSc 055 home page and on your homework directory table page work. On paper, turn in the following:


Finally, on the last day of class, we'll be having a show and tell where you'll be able to walk around the room and try out your classmates' creations. You'll also spend some time explaining your site design choices to others. Be sure you are prepared to answer questions about the purpose of your site, how you developed the graphics and layouts on your pages, and any difficulties you encountered.