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The department of Computer Science offers a minor in Data Analytics, the process of analyzing, revealing, interpreting and visualizing information concealed inside data. The analysis of datasets is already revolutionizing our understanding of fields from genetics to Environmental Science, Economics to Engineering, English, History and Political Science. The minor will introduce students to the concepts underlying the acquisition, transformation, analysis and visualization of data and analytical outcomes, and will leverage courses across the college that address analytics in a discipline-specific way.

DA Minor Information

DA Syllabus

The minor in Data Analytics requires the six courses, of which four are core courses and a further two electives. The four core courses are an introduction to programming, a statistics class, a data analytics class and a data visualization class. There is additional information on approximate scheduling information, and you can find out more from the Union College catalog course descriptions.

Advising FAQs

We have seen a number of issues come up consistently with students attempting to complete the Data Analytics minor. We address some of those issues here, with a view to giving students the best opportunity to complete. Further information is always available from the DA director (

The 18 course requirement

Union College requires that students take a minimum of 18 courses to satisfy their major and minor. This is commonly thought of as the “no double counting” rule. For example, even though ECO243 counts towards the Economics major and towards the statistics requirement of the DA minor, students will need to take an additional course in either Economics or DA to satisfy the 18 distinct course requirement. This additional class does not need to be another statistics class, but can be any other qualifying course from either the major or minor.

The 18 course requirement applies to ID majors as well. Normally an ID major requires 16 courses. If some of those courses count as core courses or electives for the DA minor, they can be used to satisfy the DA requirements, but students will need to take additional courses to meet the 18 course requirement.

The College requires that students take a minimum of 23 courses to satisfy a major and two minors. Thus, if combining DA with another minor, keep the 23 course requirement in mind.

Minimum of 3 courses outside of your major

The DA minor requires that a minimum of 3 courses used to satisfy the DA requirements are outside of the major. For example, Economics majors need to take a minimum of three courses that count towards DA and are outside of/not cross-listed with Economics. This rule also applies to ID majors. For example, Economics and Computer Science ID majors must take a minimum of three courses that count towards DA and are outside of Economics or Computer Science.

In case of a double major, students need to take a minimum of 3 courses outside of either of the majors to satisfy the DA requirements.

Data Analytics Center

The Center for Data Analytics provides students, faculty and staff with the means to obtain and communicate insights from data. Data analytics is happening all across the Union College campus, with students and faculty using data in their research and in the classroom. The center provides resources to support this work, and a place for collaboration and exchange of ideas.

DA Helpdesk

The helpdesk is located in Wold 010, and is open every Sunday / Tuesday / Thursday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Current helpdesk staff are:

  • Ansh Singhal (CS)