ESc 014
Assignment Standards

Programming assignments will be graded using the following standards. Before turning in any code, check to be sure that you meet the following criteria.

Category Explanation


The program solves the correct problem.
The program solves the problem correctly.


All assignment requirements are met.


Opening Comment Block (see Opening Documentation page)
Comment for each major algorithm step.
Comments following each variable/object declaration.
Prompts for input.
Headings/Labels for output.
Function declaration and definition comments according to the text pages 125-126.

C++ Language Usage

Exhibits good understanding of C++ (e.g. use of +=, ++, correct parameter passing, no global variables)
Correct choice of statements (e.g. for loop or while loop).

Formatting of source code

Effective use of white space for legibility
Indentation of sub-blocks


Meaningful identifier names
Capitalization according to the text page 47


Effective test data chosen.
Test case results appended as comments to source file.

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