ESc 014
Opening Documentation

All assignments and lab programs written for ESc014 should start with the standard block of comments given below.

Note that:

Suggestion:  Create a template file with the constant information and start each new program by copying the template file to your assignment or lab file.

/* File:filename - program title
 * Author: your name 
 * Due Date: date the program is due
 * For: ESc014
 * Purpose: state the purpose of the program here
 * Input:  provide a list of program inputs here
 * Output: provide a list of program outputs here


SAMPLE Opening Comment
/* File: hw02.cpp - Ball of "twine"
 * Author: Sally Smith 
 * Due Date: 04/18/2002
 * For: ESc014
 * Purpose: For a spherical ball of "twine", computes
 *          weight of ball and length of twine.
 * Input:  The radius (feet) of the ball,
 *         the density (pounds/cubic foot) of twine, 
 *         and the number of feet per pound of twine.
 * Output: The weight of the spherical ball (pounds)
 *         and the length of the twine (miles)


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