Directions to the Department

Directions to Campus

Get turn-by-turn directions using Google Maps:

Starting Address:

This will get you to the Main Entrance of the College.

Parking on Campus

Once you get to campus, to visit the Computer Science department, you want to park and make your way to Steinmetz Hall (39 on the following map). There are 5 primary places to park that are reasonably convenient

  • Van Vranken Avenue. These lots are close to the department, but during the day will likely be full. To get to these lots, enter the campus at Van Vranken Ave.

  • Behind the rink. This lot is up the hill from the department, behind the ice rink. Enter the campus at the rink on Lenox Rd. From there, walk down the hill between the rink and the football field. This lot is also reasonably likely to be full during the day or on nights when there is a hockey game.

  • Behind the fieldhouse. This lot is further away from the department, but the lot is large, so you will likely get a spot. Enter campus on Nott St. near Lenox Rd. and walk down the steps between the basketball arena and the stream.

  • Theater Lot. This is furthest away from the department, but easy to get to and almost never full. Enter campus on Seward Pl. near Nott St, or from Nott St near the corner with Seward Pl. Walk from there toward the center of campus. When you see the Nott Memorial (a large 16-sided building) in the middle of the field, turn left and make your way toward Steinmetz.

  • Alumni Gymnasium. You can also park in the lot in front of Alumni Gymnasium, though it is small and you won’t likely get a spot.

One easy way to get from your parking lot to the Computer Science department is to call the person you are visiting and have them meet you at the Nott Memorial, which you shouldn’t have any trouble finding (anyone you meet on campus will quickly know where it is if you cannot immediately see it).

See here for more information.

campus map