Game Development:
Intro to Computer Science

CSC 105
Union College
Fall 2009

Exercises about dictionaries and to practice for the final are on Codelab.

Helpdesk in Olin 102, Sun-Thu 7-9pm.

Special Friday Topic 2 - due Friday, 10/2 before class

Are video games just about fun?


Read the following article:


Play three games addressing a social issue in one way or another. Below are some suggestions, but you can also find other games that fit that criterion. The article above mention some other games and the Games 4 Change website has a whole list of games.


Write a one-page essay reacting to the games you chose to play for the second part of this assignment and answering the following general questions:

Use examples from the games you played for this assignment and other games you have played to illustrate your points.

Hand in a one-page essay on Blackboard.