Game Development:
Intro to Computer Science

CSC 105
Union College
Fall 2009

Exercises about dictionaries and to practice for the final are on Codelab.

Helpdesk in Olin 102, Sun-Thu 7-9pm.


The official python web site is at You can download python from this site and you will find links to the documentation.

A nice free introductory textbook about programming with python is Think Python: An Introduction to Software Design.


Pygame's web site is at You can download pygame from this site and there is a link to the documentation.


Go here to sign up for or log on to CodeLab. I will assign a small batch of CodeLab exercises after almost every class. Ideally you will do those exercises right after that class and before the next class session. Once a week (on Wednesdays), I will check whether you have completed the CodeLab exercises due during the preceding week.

To get started with CodeLab, register (you should have gotten an email from me about that; let me know if not) and log on. If you go to the "help" page, you can watch a video that shows you how to use CodeLab. Then you can do the first few exercises. There is a batch of very simple exercises called "Getting started". Later batches always have the date of the class that they go with.


Final Project


Making the background transparent (in an existing image). Not all of the following links explain exactly the same. The strategies differ in how they select the area that is turned transparent. So, it is worth having a quick look at all of the different options to figure out which is the one that works best for you. Also: these are just some of the first hits that google finds. If you google for "gimp transparent background", you will find loads more.

Background music and image

Here is an example of the pop-balloon-game with background image and music. You as also need the following image and music files: