Introduction to Computer Science
Union College
Spring 2009

Values in games: are video games just about fun?

Last Friday somebody said something about fun being the ultimate point about video games. Is that really true?

I don't think it is true for other art forms: I know many books and movies which I think are great books and movies, but which are not fun. They are impressive, they are moving, they are capturing, ... but I am not exactly having fun while reading/watching them. Still I would recommend anybody to read or watch them.

For Friday, do the following things:



Play three games addressing a social issue in one way or another. Below are some suggestions, but you can also find other games that fit that criterion. The article above mention some other games and the Games 4 Change website has a whole list of games.


Write a one-page essay reacting to the games you chose to play for the second part of this assignment and answering the following general questions:

  • Do games convey ideas and value?
  • If so, how do players perceive those values? Are they conscious of them?
  • How do games express values?

Use examples from the games you played for this assignment and other games you have played to illustrate your points.

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by Kristina Striegnitz