Introduction to Computer Science
Union College
Spring 2009
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Final Project

NEW NEW NEW a collection of resources for the final project


The official python web site is at You can download python from this site and you will find links to the documentation.

A nice free introductory textbook about programming with python is Think Python: An Introduction to Software Design.

The CS department has a subscription to the safari online library. If you go to (using some computer on campus) and click on the "Library" link in the top left corner, you see a list of books which are fully accessible online. Recommended Python books on this list are:


Pygame's web site is at You can download pygame from this site and there is a link to the documentation.

Some additional explanation of pygame can be found in the book Game Programming with Python, Lua, and Ruby in our safari library.


Go here to sign up for or log on to CodeLab. Small batches of CodeLab exercises will be due every few days. I will announce them in class and also put a note into the schedule.

by Kristina Striegnitz