Introduction to Computer Science
Union College
Spring 2009

NEW NEW NEW a collection of resources for the final project

Final Project

In groups of three or four, design and implement a game.

Milestone 1: The Design

On Friday, May 15, submit a detailed description of your game idea. It should be detailed enough so that after reading it, I have a good picture of the goal of the game, of the visual design (what can I see on the screen?), and of how a player interacts with it (what are the things a player will do and what effects will they have?). Use sketches and graphics where useful.

You should also be prepared to present your game idea to another group and receive comments and suggestions from them. So bring print outs of any graphics that you need to explain your game idea to the other group.

While designing your game:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep it small.
  • Be creative.
  • Try out new things. (A new way to use mouse/keyboard input? An unusual topic? Unusual visuals?)
  • Come to ask me if in doubt about whether you will be able to manage the technical aspects of your idea.
  • Come to ask me if in doubt about anything else related to the project.

Milestone 2: Code Specification

On Friday, May 22, submit a document that outlines the code that you are going to write. List all the main functions that you will need together with a description of what each of them does. Explain what your game loop will look like. (What things will happen in your game loop based on what conditions?)

You don't have to write any Python code for this part. Just English and pseudo-code.

Milestone 3: Playtesting

On Monday, June 1, your group will be paired with another group and you will playtest each other's games. This means, by this date you need a running version of your game.

Note all problems of any type that you notice while you are watching the other group play your game. After the playtest, discuss the problems with your group and categorize them into problems you have to fix before the final presentation, problems you want to fix before the final presentation, and problems you don't want to or cannot fix before the final presentation.

Milestone 4: Final Game Presentation

On Friday, June 5, you will present your game to the whole class and get to play all the other games.

by Kristina Striegnitz