Can Computers Think?
Introduction to Computer Science

CSC 106
Union College
Winter 2010

Homework exercise to prepare for class on Thursday, 1/7


If you have any problems with any of these issues, don't hesitate to come see me.

Getting started

You need rur-ple for these exercises. You can use the computers in the lab (Olin 102) as long as there is no class in the room. Or you can install rur-ple on your own computer. If you have Windows, you can download rur-ple from here. Unfortunately, I don't think that there is a Mac version. There is a Linux version, but I had trouble to get it to run.

Here are some of the examples you have worked with in class:

Exercise: draw a pretty pattern

Using the commands and constructions you have seen in class, write a program that makes the robot draw a pretty pattern. Anything that you like - be creative.

Save your program to a file called "week1_th_pattern.rur". While you are working on it, you can call your program what you like, but when you are submitting it, please give it exactly this name. This makes it much easier for me when I get a whole bunch of solutions.

Submitting your solutions on Blackboard

Go to the Blackboard area for this course: Click on the "Assignments" button. That takes you to the assignment submission page.

Follow the "View/Complete Assignment" link. Then add all files you want to submit and then press the "submit" button. Once you have pressed the submit button, you cannot change your submission anymore or make any changes.

If you only want to upload one file and then later add others, press save. That saves the files in your Blackboard account and you can later go and submit them or add others and then submit.

Note: in the end, you do have to press the submit button. If you don't submit (only save) I cannot see your files.

You do not need to print anything out for this exercise.