Class ErrorBox


public class ErrorBox
extends ClosableDialog
implements ActionListener

ErrorBox is a dialog box used for presenting error
messages. It remains visible until the user dismisses it by
clicking the "Dismiss" button.

M. Dennis Mickunas

Fields inherited from class java.awt.Component

Constructor Summary
          Constructs a modal error box with a generic error message.
ErrorBox(String errorText)
          Constructs a modal error box with a specific error message.

Method Summary
 voidactionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
          Listens for the button press.

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Constructor Detail


public ErrorBox()
Constructs a modal error box with a generic error message.


public ErrorBox(String errorText)
Constructs a modal error box with a specific error message.
errorText the string to be used as the error message
Method Detail


public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
Listens for the button press. The action is to dispose of this
error box, thereby returning control to the program that created
this error box.
e the ActionEvent that occurred

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