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Week 1

Monday Chair: Kristina Striegnitz
Elsi Kaiser A Dynamic Approach to Referent Tracking and Pronoun Resolution (La)
Rick Nouwen A Plural Resolution Logic (LoLa)
Tuesday Chair: Malvina Nissim
Bridget Copley One is Enough: The Case Against Aspectual Proliferation (La)
Elena Karagjosova Towards a comprehensive meaning of German "doch" (La)
Wednesday Chair: Susanne Salmon-Alt
Ralph Debusmann Movement as well-formedness conditions (LaCo)
Naoki Yoshinaga and Yusuke Miyao Grammar conversion from LTAG to HPSG (LaCo)
Thursday Chair: Ani Nenkova
Vladimir Brezhnev On the Logic of Proofs (Lo)
Marta Garcia-Matos On Interpolation and Model Theoretic Characterization of Logics (Lo)
Friday Chair: Susanne Salmon-Alt
David Ahn Computing adverbial quantifier domains through presupposition resolution (LaCo)
Martine de Cock Fuzzy Hedges: a Next Generation (LaCo)

Talks start at 15:45 and 16:15.

In additon to the talks there will be a poster session. If you are interested in talking to the authors, come to the poster exhibition during the Wednesday morning coffee break. The following work is presented throughout first week:

Chris Cornelis, Glad De Schrijver The Compositional Rule of Inference in an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic Setting (LoCo)
Simon Keizer A Probabilistic Approach to Dialogue Act Classification (LoLa)
Stasinos Konstantopoulos Learning Phonotactics Using Inductive Logic Programming (LoLa)

Week 2

Monday Chair: Ilkka Niemelä
Manuel Bodirsky, Tobias Gärtner, Timo von Oertzen, Jan Schwinghammer
Computing the Density of Regular Languages (LoCo)
Tara Nicholson A weakening of chromatic number (LoCo)
Tuesday Chair: Ani Nenkova
Saeed Salehi Unprovability of Herbrand Consistency in Weak Arithmetics (Lo)
Christian Korthals Self Embedded Relative Clauses in a Corpus of German Newspaper Texts (La)
Wednesday Chair: Raffaella Bernardi
Chung-chieh Shan Monads for natural language semantics (LoLa)
Balder ten Cate Information exchange as reduction (LoLa)
Thursday Chair: Jan Schwinghammer
Roman V. Konchakov On the semantics of concurrent programming languages: an automata-theoretic approach (Co)
Invited Lecture by Patrick Blackburn on how to give a good talk
Friday Kluwer Academic Best Student Session Paper Prize

The program of the 2nd week's poster presentation is:

Ewen Maclean Automating Proof in Non-standard Analysis (LoCo)
Jerome Piat Relational Concept Analysis for Structural Disambiguations (LaCo)
Gyorgy Rákosi A model-theoretic approach to the semantics of mood morphemes in Hungarian (LoLa)
Isidora Stojanovic Incomplete Definite Descriptions, Demonstrative Completion and Redundancy (La)
Jan Westerhoff An Expansion of Belief Dynamics as a Framework for Defining Ontological Categories (Lo)

Again, there is time to meet the authors during the Wednesday morning coffee break.

Kristina Striegnitz
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