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Further Reading


  • Clocksin and Mellish, Programming in Prolog. A classic introductory book.
  • Bratko, Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence The first part of this book is an introduction to Prolog: very good --- I recommend it. The second part shows how to do different AI related things in Prolog.

If you are interested in natural language processing

  • Covington, Natural Language Processing for PROLOG Programmers.
  • Gazdar and Mellish, Natural Language Processing in Prolog: An Introduction to Computational Linguistics
  • Blackburn and Bos, Representation and Inference for Natural Language A First Course in Computational Semantics. Not out, yet, but should come out pretty soon. Some informtion can be found on the web page.

If you are interested in more theoretical issues

  • Sterling and Shapiro, The Art of Prolog