Project Design Requirements

The purpose of this paper is to fully explain the design of your project. The report should have the following sections:

1. Title page

2. Abstract - this should summarize the report and be no more than one page.

3. Table of contents - give page numbers for all major sections.

4. Table of figures and tables - give titles and page numbers for all figures and tables.

5.  Introduction - give the context for the design of your project.

6. Design requirements - summarize the requirements for your design including performance, cost, safety, etc etc.

7. Design - this is the most important section. Explain your design using diagrams, pseudocode, tables, parts lists and text. The final result should be something that a technician or programmer could implement without further direction. In other words, it should be as clear and specific as possible.  You will be judged on how well you have thought through the design. Include equations or other justifications to justify your design choices. Be sure to cite any outside work that you used in your design or justifications.

8. Project schedule - give a detailed schedule that defines when each part of your design will be completed. Keep the winter term schedule in mind:

Implementation complete                                          Week 5
Oral presentation and project demonstration       Week 7
Final project report                                                      Week 10

Be sure to leave enough time for debugging (at least 2 weeks) and final testing (at least a week).

9. Project budget - estimate the cost of your project.

10. Conclusions