CSC 498/499
Capstone Design Project


Instructor: Chris Fernandes
Office: 219 Steinmetz Hall
Phone: 388-6401
Office Hours:
  • If my door is open, come on in! Otherwise,
  • MW 12:30-2, Fri 1-3
  • and by appointment

Hi folks. This page acts as an introduction to 498-499, your senior project. Even though you are doing most of the work outside our meetings, you're not working in a vacuum, and you are still being graded on a weekly basis. Here are the ground rules:


More info about these can be found on the department's thesis page.

By the end of CSC 498, you'll create

  1. a poster that you will present at a poster session
  2. a "final design report" detailing the complete design of your project. Details about this paper can be found in these design report guidelines.

By the end of CSC 499, you'll create

  1. a revised poster with complete results (but you won't present it)
  2. a final formal presentation. All CS and ECE senior project students will present their work on a Saturday sometime around late February or early March. The audience includes students, faculty, industry heads, parents, and other guests. Each student gives a formal presentation including a question-and-answer (Q&A) session. This event normally goes from around 8:30am - 2pm, with lunch provided. Unless you are on term abroad in winter, you are required to attend this event in its entirety, even if you are not finished with your own project or enrolled in 499 in the winter. COVID-19 may cause changes in the final format of the presentation. More info as we get closer to the date.
  3. your final report showing the results of your experiments, screenshots of your completed implementation, conclusions of your research, etc. Details are available in the LaTeX template on our thesis page.

You are required to write all papers in LaTeX. LaTeX and poster templates as well as 498/499 grading rubrics are all available on our thesis page.