CSc 150

Subject to Sudden Change

Dates Monday Wednesday Readings
Mar 29, 31 What is good design?
Typed variables
for vs. while
Java primitives
OO design
Memory diagrams
Appendix A
Apr 5, 7 Short-circuiting
3-steps in object use
Classes vs. objects
the new command
instances, messages,
and constructors
Class re-use
Reading and writing Javadocs
Class design: prototypes,
signatures, modifiers,
return types, constructors,
and instance variables
Getters and Setters
Local vs. parameter vs. instance vars
Top-down design
Chapter 1
Apr 12, 14 Top-down design
switch stmt
this object
Type expressions
pass-by-reference vs. pass-by-value
Chapter 2
Apr 19, 21 Inheritance, polymorphism
abstract classes
Big-O notation Extra reading on inheritance
Appendix B
Apr 26, 28 Linked lists Linked lists
Information hiding
Data abstraction
Midterm review
Chapter 3
May 3, 5 MIDTERM Priority Queues
Chapter 5
May 10, 12 Stacks, Queues recursion Chapters 4 and 6
May 17, 19 Trees: properties,
binary trees
binary search trees:
Chapter 8: sections 8.1-8.7
and Chapter 4
May 24, 26 binary search trees:
2-3 trees
Chapter 8: sections 8.7 and 8.9
May 31, Jun 2 heaps hash tables
Review for final
Chapter 8: section 8.5
Chapter 9: sections 9.1-9.5
Exam Week Final Exam: Monday, June 7, 2:30-4:30, Olin 106

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