CSc 050
Assignment 8 - Visual Basic Part III
Due Mon, Nov. 7, 2005


The one-line summary of this assignment is: Get everything on your form working. By using IF statements and assignment statements, you now have everything you need to make your form fully functional.

Part 1: Make the Artist selection control elements work -- for some of you (3 pts.)
If you got your artist selection control elements to work in the previous assignment (for those of you that used option buttons, for example), you can go directly to Part 2. If you didn't get your artist selection to work yet (if you used a menu, for example), then get it to work now. Use IF statements to determine which artist was highlighted in the menu, and then use that information to alter the form accordingly.

Part 2: Add some sound files (2 pts.)
If you haven't already, add sound files to your form using OLE objects as demonstrated in class. Sound clips should be in .WAV format. Try to pick short clips (no longer than 15 sec each) to keep the file size down. A web search on "free wave sound files" should give you all the raw material you need. For the ambitious, you can also create your own sound files from your CDs in the Windows multimedia lab on the first floor of Steinmetz Hall. Full instructions are there. You will need at least twelve (12) clips since each of your four artists should have at least three clips to choose from. Be sure to hide the OLE objects from the user so they do not appear on the form.

Part 3: Make the Play button work (10 pts.)
Replace the "this will work soon!" dialogue box from last week with code that will make the Play button actually work. This button should check to see which music clip has been highlighted in the ListBox playlist, and then play the corresponding clip.

Part 4: Make the Make Purchases button work (10 pts.)
Replace the "this will work soon!" dialogue box from last week with code that will check to see which items the user has purchased, and then display the user's grand total. Extra credit alert: You will get 2 extra points if, in addition to the total, this button displays an itemized list of what the user bought.

Finally, if you had any flaws in your code from last week's assignment, be sure to fix those before turning this assignment in. As always, you will lose points again for any problems that remain unfixed.

What to turn in

Turn in an electronic copy of your VB project on Blackboard and a copy of your code on paper. Remember, a VB project is made up of a bunch of files! Keep them all together in a single folder named with your name before zipping the folder. If you are still having trouble using zip on folders, come see me!

Administrative statement

Homeworks are individual projects. I encourage you to talk to others about the general nature of the homework and ideas about how to pursue it. However, the technical work, the writing, and the inspiration behind these must be substantially your own. If any person besides you contributes in any way to the project, you must credit their work on your homework. Similarly, if you include information that you have gleaned from other published sources, you must cite them as references. Looking at, and/or copying, other people's homework or written work is inappropriate and will be considered cheating.
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