Visual Basic: Writeup example

Your writeup will contain your interface rough sketch, a use-case scenario, and details about how output will be handled.

The purpose of a use-case scenario is to reveal design flaws in a system by telling a story of how a real person would use it. The following is a use-case scenario of someone using the VB demo shown below.

Use-case scenario

Sally wants to sample some music. After looking at the choices of artists, she selects the option button for Yanni. This causes the display to show a picture of Yanni in a Picturebox, a blurb about Yanni in a text box, and two of Yanni's songs in the Playlist Listbox. She changes her mind and selects the Gopher Buckets option button instead. This causes a new picture, blurb, and playlist to appear. She highlights the first song clip in the playlist and presses the Play button to hear it. She then highlights the second song clip and presses Play. Liking both tracks, she selects two checkboxes at the bottom of the screen and then presses Make Purchase to complete the purchase. A dialogue box is then displayed showing the total amount owed. After pressing "OK" on the dialogue box, Sally presses the Clear all choices button on the form which resets the entire form. She then goes to the cashier.

Comment about output

Fleshing out a story like this can force you to see details you may have missed. Once Make Purchase is clicked, how does the user see her total? The demo uses dialogue boxes, but that doesn't mean you have to. Perhaps an uneditable text field is better. If so, have you created such a text field? Be sure to address output in your writeup.
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