Kristina Striegnitz

Computer Science
Union College
Schenectady, NY 12308

+1 518 388 6554

office: Steinmetz 208
office hours: (winter break)
by appointment
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Not Really News ...

I have co-authored a book called 'Learn Prolog Now!'. It has an online version.

I am an associate professor in the Computer Science Department at Union College. I am currently the department chair.

Before moving to Union I was a postdoc in the ArticuLab at Northwestern University. And before that I did a joint PhD at the Department of Computational Linguistics at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany and at Loria in Nancy, France.

My research interests are in:

In fall 2020, I am teaching one of our introductory courses, Taming Big Data: Introduction to Computer Science (CSC 103), and I am co-teaching an online Minerva course called A Human's Guide to Artificial Intelligence with faculty from the mechanical engineering, philosphy, sociology, and English departments. In winter 2021, I am co-teaching Interactive Fiction Workshop with Shena McAuliffe (CSC 084/EGL 284). And in spring 2021, I am teaching the Capstone Seminar (CSC 497).