Web Programming

CSC 240
Union College
Fall 2009


Homework 6 is online.

Homework 4

Topic: PHP
Due date: Thursday, October 8th


Part 0

Pick a theme for your web site. Decide on content for at least three pages related to that theme. Design (using pen and paper) a common look and layout for these pages.

Part 1

Implement one page of your design using XHTML and CSS.

Part 2

Make copies of your project from part 1. Then "rip" your page apart; use PHP includes to avoid duplicating XHTML code as much as possible.

Part 3

Create an "index" page with links to the pages for parts 1 and 2 above.

Publish the pages in your account on antipasto so that the URL of the index page is "http://antipasto.union.edu/~username/csc240/hw/hw4".

Turn in