Web Programming

CSC 240
Union College
Fall 2009


Homework 6 is online.

Final Project

Site design due: Tuesday, November 3rd
Project due: Tuesday, November 17th
Project presentations: Tuesday, November 17th



In groups, you will develop a car pooling site for Union College. The two target user groups are faculty and staff who are looking for car pooling partners to commute to work and students who want to share a ride when going some place for a weekend or at the end of the term.

For Inspiration

Site design (due Tuesday, November 3rd)

Prepare a (detailed) design document for your site. The document should include:


Group web space at: antipasto.union.edu/csc240. The path on antipasto is: /export/www/webpages/antipasto/csc240.

Subversion repository at antipasto.union.edu/home/svn/CSC240.

To check out a working copy of your group's project do (substitute your group number):

	svn co svn+ssh://antipasto.union.edu/home/svn/CSC240/group4/trunk

Note: for the initial check out, you will be asked for your password three times.

To update, go into your working copy and do

	svn update

To add a new file to the master copy, go to the directory in your working copy where the file is ad do

	svn add filename

To commit any changes do

	svn commit -m "short message"