Web Programming

CSC 240
Union College
Fall 2009


Homework 6 is online.

Course Description

This course addresses standards in developing applications for the world wide web. We will cover the following topics: XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax. You will learn how to use them appropriately and how to combine them to build flexible, user friendly and robust web sites.

When and where

TTH 9:00-10:45, Olin 102

How to get in touch with me

email: striegnk@union.edu
office phone: [518 388] 6554
office: Steinmetz 233
office hours: Tuesdays 1-3, Fridays 1-3, by appointment
more info about me: cs.union.edu/~striegnk


There are no required text books for this course. I could not find one book that covers all the topics discussed in class and that I liked and I don't want to require multiple books as that gets expensive. However, here are the books that I recommend, if you do want to buy books:

I will also put my own copies of these books into the CS resource room where you can work with them. (Please don't remove them from the room!) And I will post link to online resources.


The final grade will be based on the following components:

homework25%(should be done individually)
final project25%(will be a group project)
midterm exam20%
final exam30%
class participation10%

What you need to do for this course

Special Arrangements

If you need special accomodations because of a disability or other reasons, please come to see me as soon as possible so that we can find a solution. You may have to get proper documentation from the Dean of Student' office. All such discussions will, of course, remain confidential.


A lot of my material is based on an earlier version of this course that was taught by Linda Almstead.