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To start Emacs type xemacs & in your xterm.

Although Emacs is traditionally a keyboard based editor, it nowadays comes with a menubar at the top, which allows you to do the most imporant things using a mouse.

Everything that you will need for this course can be found under the menu item File.

To open existing files use Open.... A window pops up where you can specify which file should be opened.

To open new files also use Open.... Simply type the file name that you want for your new file.

To save files use Save or Save as. Save as will pop up a window where you can enter the file name that you want to save your your knowledge base to.

To close Emacs use Exit XEmacs.

If you want to learn a bit more about Emacs have a look at this site (or use google to search for other introductions to Emacs - there are loads on the web).

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