an introduction to computer science, artificial intelligence and programming
Union College
Winter 2008

What you need to hand in for the ELIZA programming project

Part 1: Your program as a runnable Python program.

That is, there should be no syntax errors in your code. If I cannot run the program because of syntax errors, you will not get any points for the correctness or completeness of your program.

Your program should never crash on any input. That is, whatever the user types in, your program has to answer something.

As a minimum, within your chosen domain your program should be able to hold a conversation using at least 10 different response patterns. Beyond that, impress me! I am going to give extra credits for particularly witty, funny, clever, eloquent, convincing, ... programs.

Part 2: A description of your program as a separate text file.

Describe what your program can talk about, what it does particularly well and what are its limitations. Give an example conversation with your program highlighting what it can and cannot do. Describe the algorithm you used to implement the process_input function.

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