On February 16, 1999 the Daily Gazette here in Schenectady ran an
article about my collection of Union College postcards.
In the August 1999 issue of the Union College Magazine there was an
article about my postcard collection.
Below are email comments that I have received about the cards.
I thank you all for taking the time to stop by and look!

Mr. Spallholz 

I graduated from Hamilton College in 1972 and have been
collecting Hamilton College postcards for about a year now. I stumbled on
your collection and web page doing a Google search. It was very interesting
--especially your comments as to why you collect these cards and your Alumni
Review article --I thought I was the only one who saw it that way as to
College History. Too bad Hamilton and Union no longer play in football --I
remember the rivalry very well. If you run into any old Hamilton Cards and
have interest in trading please let me know --I'll do the same re Union 

Best regards. 


I found your site, researching my gr-gr-gr grandfather Charles H.
Veeder, who graduated from Union College in 1817, after he returned from
engagement in the War of 1812.  This adds so much to my information and warms
my heart to "see" images of the school!  I have yet to completely wander
through all the photos and want to thank you beforehand for such a lovely site!
Linda in CA

I am in the early stages of putting together a site for 
my postcard collection covering my hometown of 
Jackson Michigan. I'm looking to see how others have accomplished
similar endeavors. I love your layout! 
Mark Smith - Grand Rapids MI

So far my most interesting "e-mail" reply!  It is from a '69 classmate.

Your postcard site made my day! It is great.
Have you thought of allowing alumni to send electronic postcards using
your images?
Wally Meyer Class of '57


I saw the article about your postcard collection in the latest Union College
magazine.  It was a really nice piece.  Great job.


Nice story about your postcards in the Union magazine.


I am a UC graduate '83. I enjoyed the piece in UC magazine. I have
noticed cards for auction on E-Bay. The price is reasonable and I have noticed
some have been passed with no bidders. I doubt this is new news to you, but
offer a suggestion on this small chance that it is not. I did not notice this
source in the article.

Best wishes.

Rich Benedikt

thanks from one of the class of `50.

    Just got "Union College" magazine. Ordinarily I would put the
magazine aside to read later, but I looked at the cover carefully and
realized it was a picture of a postcard.  So, since I, too, collect
postcards, I read the article immediately.  Then today I looked up your
stash at union.edu.
    The enlarged pictures are very clear; they are large in kilobytes
too.  I wonder how you digitize them.
    My own interest is in Ulster County, NY; the Catskills; Lake Mohonk;
Ellenville; Kingston; Ashokan Reservoir
    This morning I searched on "Union College" on eBay and found only
one card that shows a picture of a Victorian woman walking down a lane
of Elm trees.  Other than the elms (which are now all gone, I imagine)
there is no evidence of Union that I could detect on my computer.  I bid
on it and if I'm successful, I may donate it to your cause.  Where
should I send it?i

Fredric Misner

I enjoyed reading the article in the Union College magazine about your
collection. I graduated in 1981 and have been collecting Union postcards
ever since. Thanks for sharing your collection with us. 

Sue Barnhart Ferris'81

Dear Lance,
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your postcard collection on
the web.  We are both fairly recent graduates of the college (1991 and 1993)
and have been collecting postcards of Union for about the past ten
Over the course of this time, we have accumulated over 150 postcards of
the college (our earliest card from 1903).  While we thought that we had
maximized our collection, we were thrilled to notice that we did not
have about five of your cards.  We would love to be in touch to see where you
acquired your most interesting finds.

Jennifer and Andrew Koestler


I came back from vacation to find a Union Magazine on my desk.  As I
leafed through it I read the article about your Union Postcard collection
and went to your website to look at them.  Very interesting.  I believe
the stereopticon of the Nott is a real find!

I tend to collect postcards myself --not for nostalgia purposes, but
because I cannot take a decent snapshot!  But I suppose one day they WILL
be collector items...

Have a nice weekend.


My name is Dave Bernat and I am a Senior at Union.  I am on campus his
summer filming a movie I wrote, and I saw the article in the Alumni
magazine about your collection.  I, too, collect old Union post cards
(I have about 25 of them from the turn of the century up until the
1950's) and I just wanted to contact you in case you wanted to see them.  I
think they are at home (VT) but I could get them quickly if you wanted to
see them.
 RSVP if you like,

Dear Lance,

I, too, have been collecting Union postcards now for several years.  I have
about seven in my collection, and some of them are dated in the 1800s.
They are my most cherished Union possessions.  I was elated to see your
postcards, as you might very well imagine.  Have you thought of asking the
College to post your collection as an official link of the Union College
homepage?  Prospective students and parents would no doubt find the page
interesting to say the least.  I sit on Union's alumni council, and would
be more than happy to bring this suggestion to the group.  Best of


Edgar Letriz-Nunez '91
Assistant Dean of Yale College
Lecturer, Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Yale University

 Hi Lance,

 I've just been perusing your online collection of postcards. Some great
sites! I'll make sure to direct any that I find to you.
By the way,/acad13.html looks suspiciously like the KA Lodge originally
completed 1902/3 (rebuilt around '25). I noticed that you include
mention of KA in /acad2.html, alongside the Electrical Lab, 
showing a partial side view of the Lodge. 
Don't you just love the Ramee arches on the old Electrical Lab? 
(Isn't it kind of sad how a new building like the Mechanical Lab has 
no obvious Ramee features?)
Also, note that in /acad1.html, this same building is the Biology

  Thanks again, Alan

Hello Lance - I am Duncan MacKenzie (Union Class of '83).  I have just
begun to collect post cards and I found your Union College collection on
the deltiology web page. Your collection is great! I [work] in
Albany and my office is across the street from the Capitol.  I am a big
e-Bay fan and a few weeks ago I accidentally came across an old PC of
the Capitol and I won it for a buck (and have been hooked ever since).
I really don't know much about dating non-postally cancelled PCs or much
else about collecting them (I prefer that they are used - I love the
messages).  Any tips on how to get more up to speed on PC collecting?  I
have been looking for Union PC on e-Bay but no luck yet.  Sorry to
bother you, and agin, I enjoyed looking at your collection. - Duncan

Our son is a freshman at Union. I was visiting the Union College site .  I
would like to compliment you on your web site and your collection of cards.
Union is a fascinating college with a rich and wonderful history. We are
excited about the Seward site expansion and in particular the efforts to
preserve and enhance the existing structures. Your collection  help to
remind all about the importance of physical beauty and design.


    I am an Union alumnus (1976) and have just found your Union postcard
collection on the Net.  I have a few of these cards myself, but your
collection is much more extensive than mine and very nicely presented
for all to enjoy. 

    Great work!  Thanks!


Department of Law
United States Military Academy

Dear Lance, 

Thank You! for submitting your Postcard Web Page!

I have added your link at:

Great work  ... and wonderful that you have created it, 
and wish to share it, with others.

Best Regards, 

M. Roger Harvey

Prof. Spallholz,

By the way, I saw your article in the Gazette this weekend; it was
pretty neat!  I found an old postcard of Union at an Antique Shop 
in Broadalbin a few summers ago.  I did not realize that these 
things existed; I was very surprised to see one.  There is definitely 
a lot of Union's history out there, and each of us here will share 
a part in it.  It's good to know that some of it is being looked after.

See you around.

-Cregg :)


The address you gave me yesterday worked and I was able to access your
site..  Thanks for doing this.  The postcards are really interesting and



Read your piece in the Gazette today and viewed the cards on your
website.  Great collection.  I especially liked those of Jackson's
Gardens, one of my favorite spots on campus.  My dad (class of 1942)
proposed to my mom on a bridge in the Gardens and I spent many happy
hours there myself.

Hope to see more as they are available.

Phil Arony
Union '70

Dear Professor Spallholz,

It was with interest that my father saw the article in today's Gazette
concerning the collection of pastcards that you have regarding Union and
it's history.  In particular it caught our attention because Mrs. E.
Arnold is my Great Great Grandmother.  Mrs Edwin Arnold (we call 
her 'Addie', I forget her real name) was a prolific post card writer 
and receiver; we have a good deal of those postcards still.

Mat Felthousen, OCS

Hi Lance,

I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your wonderful postcards
and the article in the Gazette.  

It brought back so many memories for me. My dad worked as a
machinist/welder in the 1950's, at Union.  We lived on campus in a 
building, over a garage that housed trucks used for maintenance 
on the campus.  It was located near the fieldhouse.  I have not 
been back there in many years and I think the building
has long since been torn down.  I lived there for about 6 years...'56-'62...so
many nice memories of riding my bike around the beautiful campus.....and
you have brought that all back seeing the neat postcards!!

Thank you so much!!

Ballston Spa, NY  

Thanks for the opportunity to view your collection of descriptive post
cards of old Union. In my travels  to flea markets and  book stores  I will
buy and make them available to you.
                                W.L. Shimer  

I've been looking at your postcard collection -- haven't checked the
U.C.  page, but I hope it brings your collection to the attention of alumni
and others!  VERY nice to see. 

Please say hi to Dave Cossey for me --

-- Alan Nelson  '46


I was "surfing" your WEB postcards.  I have been looking at old pictures
over in the Archives and I discovered the Blue gate was not always 'blue' .
 The concrete look was nice.  It certainly is interesting to discover
that some original photos also appear in postcard form.


Collection provided by Lance O. Spallholz '69
Send mail to spallhol@union.edu
February 1998