ESc 014

Assignment 4 -- The Tax Man Cometh
Due: Tuesday, May 7, 2002


Your Mission

In honor of it being tax time, your assignment is to complete Programming Project #2, listed on p. 339 of your text. This assignment deals with computing property taxes from the market prices of different houses. You'll be printing a report showing the taxes owed on each property.

The Input

In the Course Materials section of BlackBoard, you'll find two files you need to download. The first is the input file named housePrices.txt. It is organized like this:

The second file, named yourNameHere.cpp, is the starter code you should begin with. I am providing you with the main() function you need to use. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO USE THIS main FUNCTION AND YOU MAY NOT ALTER IT. In order to get this main function to work correctly, you need to write the following functions:

You may use other functions as you see fit, but you MUST use the ones listed above.


Finally, some hints to help you get going.
  1. Plan your programs out first! Don't just start typing away at the computer. Figure out what the main function I gave you is doing and why it's calling certain functions in a particular order.
  2. Part of this assignment is getting practice with call-by-reference vs. call-by-value parameters. Figure out where you will use each type of parameter first so you'll have a better notion of what each function's job is.
  3. Don't lose points needlessly for not including everything you need to. Read the assignment and the problem in the text carefully. Don't forget to include the total taxes collected and the total number of properties at the end of your table!
  4. Don't write your entire program all at once. Write each function one at a time. Compile as you go. Test each one before moving on to the next one.


This assignment is worth 50 points, divided as follows: Don't forget to paste your output into your source code!

Remember to turn in both a paper and an electronic copy of your project on BlackBoard. Name your file with your FULL NAME along with the assignment number (e.g. chrisfernandes_hw4.cpp)

Having trouble? Don't wait until the last minute! Come see me and get your $80 worth.

Administrative statement

Programming assignments are individual projects. I encourage you to talk to others about the general nature of the project and ideas about how to pursue it. However, the technical work, the writing, and the inspiration behind these must be substantially your own. If any person besides you contributes in any way to the project, you must credit their work on your homework. Similarly, if you include information that you have gleaned from other published sources, you must cite them as references. Looking at, and/or copying, other people's programs or written work is inappropriate, and will be considered cheating.
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