CSc 244

Project 1 -- Missionaries and Cannibals
Due: Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Your Mission

Your assignment is to complete Problem 3.9, p. 90, in your text, which is part written exercise and part programming project. Once you've read and understood the problem as stated in the text, read the following for help on how to approach each part. I'm also modifying the assignment a little, so be sure to read carefully so you don't miss anything.



This project is worth 50 points. I'm looking for:

I'm not looking for:

Please hand in both an electronic copy of your project on BlackBoard and a paper copy.

Administrative statement

Programming assignments, like homework assignments, are individual projects. I encourage you to talk to others about the general nature of the project and ideas about how to pursue it. However, the technical work, the writing, and the inspiration behind these must be substantially your own. If any person besides you contributes in any way to the project, you must credit their work on your homework. Similarly, if you include information that you have gleaned from other published sources, you must cite them as references. Looking at, and/or copying, other people's programs or written work is inappropriate, and will be considered cheating.
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