CSc 050: Animated GIF Gallery - Pictures that move!

There's a lot of them out there, so we combed the web to find some of the cooler ones. To put one in your own web page, use the same procedure you learned in class. Right-click on the image and a menu will appear by which you can save the image to your local computer. Then you can use the <IMG> tag to put it in your own page. Example: save it as "pic.gif" and then in your HTML file, putting <IMG SRC="pic.gif"> will place the image in your own page. Enjoy!

Room 1: Duke waving/Duke cartwheeling
Room 2: Record spinning/Rotating fan
Room 3: Pointing hand/Green-lit bar
Room 4: Spinning compass/Lava lamp
Room 5: Dancin' Willie/Dancin' hamster
Room 6: Gears/Running dog
Room 7: Mailing letter/Movie clip
Room 8: NEW sign/Spinning Earth
Room 9: Spinning Constr./Sun
Room 10: Internet sign/Welcome banner
Room 11: Moving email/Christmas tree
Room 12: Constr. lights/Constr. sign
Room 13: Revolving NEW sign/Expanding NEW sign
Room 14: Radar sweep/Color rule
Room 15: Another constr. sign/New-pen
Room 16: Smiling envelope/Skeleton
Room 17: Digging man/Snake pole

How it works

For those interested, animated GIFs work on a neat little trick. The GIF image format called GIF89a has the ability to contain multiple images in one file. An animated GIF is just a file which shows these multiple images in rapid succession (like those flip books you'd make as a kid.) This gives the illusion of animation.
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