Operating Through Cyber Attack: Assess and Survive!
MIT, Lincoln Labs
November 10, 2011 (Thu)
Science and Engineering, N102
Co-sponsored with ECE. Lunch will be served.


I will begin by describing a survivable system's approach to countering cyber attacks. Then I will describe two active research topics: 1) "Mission mapping" in which we attempt to find automated ways to identify the critical cyber resources utilized in performing specific mission or business tasks, and 2) "Trustworthy Dynamic Systems" where we couple trustworthy systems approaches with dynamic 'moving target' techniques at the application and operating systems level.

Bio: Mr. Joshua W. Haines is an Assistant Group Leader in the Cyber Systems and Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He is responsible for managing research and development of technology and systems in support of national cyber missions including computer network defense, attack, and exploitation. Focus areas include system analysis, architecture engineering for robustness and security, development of network-centric cyber systems, automated analysis of network vulnerabilities, red-teaming of DoD programs, and development & deployment of traffic generation and test development for test range environments.

Prior to that Josh was the Chief Engineer for the Transformational Satellite Communications Program at the Air Force Space and Missile System Center.

Josh received his M.S. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1999 and his B.S. from Union College in 1995.

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