A Look at Pharmaceutical Development and the roles of Bioinformatics and Information Technology
Steve Lerner
March 4, 2010
Science and Engineering N100

We will take a high-level tour of the pharmaceutical drug development process, from research through commercialization. There will be some discussion of the systems used to meet the various functions. A special focus will be on the research organization and the bioinformatics programmers. Taking a real-world example, we will look at how the information technology and research organizations can be structured to create the most value. Additionally, we will address opportunities for doing work off-shore such as programming and support, again taking a real-world look at the considerations and structure of such an arrangement.

Steve Lerner is VP of Information Technology for Celgene Corporation. He has nearly 30 years of IT experience with much of this time in the Life Sciences industry. Steve has lead Celgene IT throughout a significant corporate growth period over the last 10 years as Celgene has developed into the third largest global biotechnology company with 2010 revenues estimated to be more than $3.2 billion. Steve has global responsibility for the IT needs of 3,000 employees in over 70 countries.

Prior to joining Celgene, Steve worked with a boutique consulting firm recruiting and providing services to companies in a variety of industries including warehousing/logistics, clinical research, software/technology and direct mail. Previously he was IT Director at Enzon Pharmaceuticals. He started his career with Bell Laboratories and Bell Communications Research.

Steve holds a B.S. in Industrial Economics and an M.S. in Computer Science, both from Union College, N.Y. He and his wife Elissa live in New Jersey and have two children.

Lunch will be served before the talk at noon.

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