Toward an Interaction with Arnie, a Genuinely Evil Synthetic Character
November 12, 2009
Science and Engineering N100

This talk reports on progress toward the goal of demonstrating, during the Spring of 2010, the possibility of human beings conversing with genuinely evil synthetic characters. The engineering in question includes: devising a formal definition of evil; enabling such a character to both understand and generate natural language (English, in this case); designing and implementing a logic capable of modeling self-contradictory and self-deceptive cognition; and using a robust logical calculus able to represent time, change, knowledge, and belief. The planned demonstration will specifically feature a conversation with Arnie, of potential interest to the media. Arnie is a rather unsavory chap who arguably makes even the darker characters in "24" seem saintly by comparison, and who appears among other places in the play "Calculi of Death", a pre-publication & pre-performance version of which is available here.

Lunch will be provided at 12:15.

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