Artistic Abstraction of Photographs
Anthony Santella
Rutgers University
February 23, 2006
3:45 pm - 5:15 pm
Arts 215

Visual displays such as art and illustration benefit from concise presentation of information. I present an approach for simplifying photographs to create such concise, artistically abstracted images. This approach applies models of human vision and image structure, and new methods of interaction to select and preserve important content while removing background detail. Important locations are identified from eye movement recordings. Using a perceptual model, features are then preserved where the viewer looked, and removed elsewhere. The motivation for this approach suggests that future viewers will concentrate their interest on detailed areas in the resulting images. I also present the results of a validation study that confirms this by measuring viewer eye movements. Results provide interesting insights into artistic use of abstraction and human visual perception.

In conjunction with A talk by Jason Salavon. Dinner will be served in ARTS 210 after the talk.