Networking.... successes, new challenges, and an expanding waist, as the field approaches 40
Dr. Jim Kurose
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
May 6, 2004
12:40 - 1:40pm

The field of computer networking is 40 years old, arguably approaching middle age (at least in human years). In this time, networks have grown from research curiosities to become a key part of the global communications infrastructure. The overall success of the field's main artifact, the Internet, has been made possible by many research advances.

Middle age (at least for humans) provides an opportunity to reflect on where one has been and where one is going. In this talk we thus briefly review where the networking research community has been, but spend more time on considering where the field might be heading. We'll discuss how application-push (in areas such as sensor networks, application-overlay networks, and mobility) is driving a broad and exciting networking research agenda. We'll also discuss research areas (such as signaling, and the complexity of control) where important foundational issues still remain to be solved.

Lunch will be provided at 12:00 in Steinmetz 237, and a discussion session for students will follow the talk, also in Steinmetz 237.