CS Major Degree Requirements

Major in Computer Science:

  • Intro: one 100-level introductory course
  • CS Core: CSC 120, CSC 151, CSC 250, CSC 260, and CSC 270
  • Electives: five electives numbered 110 or higher. Four must be at least 300-level, with one from the Theory group and one from the Systems group.
    • The Theory group: CSC 350 Theory of Computing; CSC 370 Programming Languages.
    • The Systems group: CSC 333 Introduction to Parallel Computing, CSC 335 Operating Systems, CSC 375 Compilers
  • Thesis: the senior thesis sequence 497-499.

Also required: Math 197; Math 110-112 or 113; one Math elective chosen in consultation with the advisor; one major-level lab science course from Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Environmental Science, or ESC-100, and one non-CS course meeting the Core Curriculum science and technology requirement (courses cross-listed with CSC are not acceptable).

A typical first year major program includes a 100-level introductory course and CSC 120, Math 197, and first year Core Curriculum courses.

The senior writing requirement is satisfied by CSC 498 and CSC 499. See the thesis page for more details.

See the major in graphical form and advising checklists. For students in the class of 2019 or earlier, refer to the previous advising checklists.

See the catalog copy for complete course descriptions.

Minor in Computer Science:

Six computer science courses including a 100-level introductory course, CSC 120, CSC 151, and three additional CSC courses chosen with the approval of an advisor from computer science, at least one of which is numbered 250 or higher; Math 197. Only one course numbered below 100 may be included, and only one 100-level introductory course may be included.

Interdepartmental Major

The following eight courses in the department: a 100-level introductory course, CSC 120, CSC 151, 250, 260, one course above introductory level (above 110), and two courses of at least 300-level. Only one 100-level introductory CSC course may be included. Also required: MTH-197 and the project sequence CSC 497, IDM 498, and IDM 499. The ID senior project must be designed to integrate the fields composing the major.

Major in Computer Engineering:

More information available here

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