Department Facilities

  • PASTA (NWSE 104):
    The PASTA (Parallel Asynchronous & Synchronous Theory and Applications) laboratory was funded by an NSF grant, and is used for classes and projects in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Union.
  • CS Lab (Olin 107):
    The Computer Science Laboratory facility is located in Olin 107. The room is used as a studio-lab for many computer science courses. The CSLab is open 24 hours a day to computer science and engineering students who need the facility for project or class work.
  • CROCHET (Wold 013)
    The department’s primary research lab, where much of the department research happens, including Human-Computer Interaction and various kinds of Robotics research. See here to schedule the HCI lab within CROCHET.
  • High-Performance Computing
    The department has a cluster computer with 34 dual-Xeon compute nodes, each with 2 GB of memory, and an 8-core system (dual quad-core Nehalem processors) with 24 GB of memory. They are used for a parallel-computing class and for student and faculty projects.

Click here to request access to the labs.

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